About us

IMPRESS is at the vanguard of a new, positive future for news publishers, ensuring quality independent journalism flourishes in a digital age. We help to build understanding and trust between journalists and the public - and provide the public with trusted sources of news.


What we do

  • Award a ‘Trust in Journalism’ mark to publishers that meet our standards for membership.
  • Maintain a progressive Standards Code, and assess any breaches of this code by our members.
  • Provide an arbitration scheme which is free to all parties and protects publishers against the risk of court costs and exemplary damages.
  • Support the development of news publishers, through partnerships and collaboration.

Who we are

How we operate

  • As a regulator for the public, IMPRESS is committed to openness and transparency in everything we do.
  • All IMPRESS's audited annual reports are made public and can be downloaded from the IMPRESS website.
  • Details on our current funding can be found here.
  • Our organisational and regulatory policies are also published on our website.
  • Visit the IMPRESS FAQ page for more details.