Trust in Journalism Conference

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Trust in Journalism Conference 2018: The Future of Independent News

A unique one-day event to discuss what the independent news sector looks like today, how it is innovating for the future, and what it needs in order to thrive. The programme included a combination of big debates and practical sessions. The Trust in Journalism Conference is an opportunity for all attendees to network and take with them new skills, contacts, ideas and inspiration. 

This Annual Conference is built around one of the core values of IMPRESS: supporting trust in journalism.


The panels of Trust in Journalism Conference 2018

Each session will focus on different aspects of the independent news sector that add to the value of trust in journalism: high-quality journalism, press sustainability in the digital age, innovation and the policies the independent news sector needs.

This includes the challenges this sector faces in order to thrive, as well as successful strategies independent publishers have implemented recently. Some of the key debates will be around:

  • Key note: "Breaking news: the future of journalism"

  • Panel 1 - Sacred Facts: Can journalism be partisan AND high-quality?

  • Panel 2 - Platforms, Publishers and Politicians: Can’t we all just be friends?

  • Panel 3 - Smart News: What’s new in independent publishing?

  • Workshop: Data visualisation and storytelling

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The delegates

  • Publishers, journalists and editors.
  • Media industry professionals
  • Academics and media students
  • Public servants, officials and researchers interested in the future of the media.
  • All those interested in journalism, trust in the media, digital news and the independent news sector in the UK.


If you have any questions about the Trust in Journalism Conference, contact us on or 020 3325 4288.

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