Well-resourced, quality journalism has never been more important to society.  IMPRESS is building a new model of trusted, protected journalism through its member publications who are committed to a set of standards, developed in collaboration with the public, publishers and partner charities.

We are a new kind of regulator, designed for the future of media, building on the core principles of the past, protecting journalism’s ability to speak out and speak the truth.

As a member of the public, there are three primary ways you can interact with us:

1. Keep in touch

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2. Make a complaint against a publication regulated by IMPRESS

A core function of IMPRESS is ensuring our members meet the standards we set. If you have a complaint to make about an IMPRESS member publication, please let us know here.

3. Contact us

If you have stories to share, suggestions to make, or would like to know more about our work, please get in touch with the IMPRESS team – via any of the options you can find here.