Compliance Guide

Publisher Quick-Start Guide to Becoming Compliant

Please follow this eight-step quick-start guide to becoming compliant with the IMPRESS Regulatory Scheme requirements. 

STEP ONE:  Agree your complaints policy. If you don't have one, we have a model policy you can adopt or adapt (Model Complaints Policy). Agree your complaints procedure. If you don't have one, we have a model procedure you can adopt or adapt (Model Complaints Procedure).

STEP TWO: Devise forms to help you track complaints and to report to IMPRESS each year. Model recording forms are available for you to adopt or adapt (Model Complaint Enquiry Form & Model Complaint Log).

STEP THREE: Agree a whistleblowing policy. If you don't have one, we have a model policy you can adopt or adapt (Model Whistleblowing Policy).

STEP FOUR: Agree a statement of arrangements that briefly describes the compliance arrangements for each title that you publish. Use the statement of arrangements template document to ensure you cover the key points (Statement of Arrangements Template).

STEP FIVE: Confirm evidence of your legal status. If you are a sole trader, you must provide a letter from a solicitor or accountant (who cannot be an employee or family member) to verify your status as such. If you are registered with Companies House or the Financial Services Authority, you need to provide your Registration Number to enable us to verify your status via public registers.

STEP SIX: Provide us with copies of your recent publication(s) so that we can assess whether you are a “relevant” publisher as defined by the Crime and Courts Act 2013.

STEP SEVEN: Show us how you will publicise your complaints scheme and of your regulation by IMPRESS in all online and printed publications. Suggested wording and display format is available for you to use or adapt (Suggested Wording and Display). The IMPRESS Trust Mark with contact details can be downloaded at the link below for print and online use, in four different styles. Each of the styles is available as i) black text on white background, ii) black text on transparent background, iii) white text on transparent background. To download a zip file containing the logo choices, right click the link below and choose "Save link as":

Zip file containing logo choices

Guidance on how to use and place the Trust Mark is available by clicking here.

STEP EIGHT: Send a letter or email to all your employees and contributors to explain that the publication is regulated by IMPRESS and to draw their attention to the complaints policy and procedure as well as the whistleblowing policy and Standards Code. The letter should specifically draw attention to the contractual right of all employees and contributors to use the IMPRESS whistleblowing hotline. A model letter is available for you to use or adapt (Model Communication).

A combined Publisher Induction Pack containing all of the above information is available here.

Please note that a member of the IMPRESS team will be in contact to guide and assist you through the process.