How to Join IMPRESS

Steps to becoming an IMPRESS Regulated Publisher

In order to be regulated by IMPRESS, publishers need to comply with the requirements of our Regulatory Scheme. This can be done quickly and easily by following the steps below.
STEP 1 Send us your compliance info
  • IMPRESS regulated publishers need a complaints policy that includes whistleblowing provisions. You can download a model policy that meets all our requirements.
  • Your complaints policy should require complaints to be assessed against the IMPRESS Standards Code, to be acknowledged within 7 days, and a final decision letter to be sent within 21 days.
  • We need to see recent editions or URLs of your publications so that we can make sure you are a “relevant” publisher as defined by the Crime and Courts Act 2013.
  • You need to complete a Statement of Arrangements Questionnaire that sets out the compliance arrangements for each title you publish.

After you send the above to, we will evaluate what you’ve sent us and be in touch if we have any questions. Once we are satisfied that you meet the requirements of our Regulatory Scheme, we will send you a contract that details the services we will provide that you should sign and return.

STEP 2 Let your readers know
  • Publicise how your complaints scheme works and let your readers know that you are regulated by IMPRESS in all your publications. The easiest way to do this is with our Suggested Wording and Display.
  •  At this point you are permitted to display the IMPRESS Trust in Journalism logo along with our contact details.
  • Print and online versions in various styles can be downloaded here
  • Guidance on how to use and place the logo is available here.
STEP 3 Let your staff know
  • Contact your employees and contributors (with a copy to IMPRESS) to explain that your publication is regulated by IMPRESS and to draw their attention to the complaints policy, whistleblowing provisions and the Standards Code and guidance.
  • The letter should specifically draw attention to the contractual right of all employees and contributors to use the IMPRESS whistleblowing hotline.
  • We have developed a suggested letter/email that you can download here.
STEP 4 Track your complaints
What happens next?

Once you have completed the steps above, we will add you to our list of regulated publications and send your signed Regulatory Scheme Agreement along with a certificate to show you are officially regulated by IMPRESS.