Membership in-depth

How can you benefit from your IMPRESS membership:

  • The IMPRESS Standards Code: A modern Code that aims to assist journalists by promoting and supporting their work. This is a practical tool, accessible to publishers and the public, and responsive to the emerging challenges in the digital era
  • Affordable arbitration: We have worked closely with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, an internationally-recognised charity, to create an arbitration scheme which allows publishers and members of the public to resolve disputes without the need for costly legal bills.
  • Low fees: IMPRESS is a non-profit company which exists to promote high standards of journalism. The Independent Press Regulation Trust, a registered charity, has guaranteed to underwrite our costs for four years so that we can offer low fees to publishers, on a sliding scale based on your turnover. Please get in touch for more details.
  • Straightforward complaints-handling: We believe that regulation is primarily about learning from mistakes and improving standards. Our approach to resolving complaints is straightforward and simple, and based on well-respected ombudsman schemes in other industries.
  • Low cost insurance: IMPRESS members can benefit from low-cost, flexible and comprehensive professional indemnity insurance cover which is specifically designed for media companies operating within the IMPRESS regulatory scheme.  It offers very competitive rates because of the reduced liability to insurers of publishers participating in the IMPRESS regulatory scheme.
  • The IMPRESS network: Join a group of dynamic, innovative organisations, sharing expertise and learning from each other.
  • Support and resources: By joining IMPRESS you will have access to personalised guidance on IMPRESS services and processes from the IMPRESS staff, exclusive access to webinars and workshops, reports, reviews and special content. More on membership resources here.

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