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In addition to our regulatory services, IMPRESS members have access to:

  • Guidance on IMPRESS services and processes
  • Exclusive access to webinars and training opportunities
  • Media policy updates
  • Special reports
  • Access to events including our Annual Trust in Journalism Conference
  • Additional guidance
  • Networking opportunities

Recent resources



'Using Polls and Surveys in your Journalism' (November 2019)

Workshops and Training

Journalism Trust Initiative workshop - Co-hosted with Reporters Without Borders (September 2019)

Facebook News Day for Independents - Co-organised with Facebook Journalism Project (November 2019)

Trust in Journalism Conference 2019: The World of Independent Publishing (November 2019)


Independent Publishers Taskforce (April-September 2019)





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Compliance Guide

IMPRESS Member Insurance Scheme

Membership Resources


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