IMPRESS webinar series: Diversity in news and newsrooms

This Thursday 12 July, 10.30am we will hold our first open IMPRESS webinar. 

Guest speakers Kurt Barling and David Leigh will be discussing the issue of 'Diversity in news and newsrooms'.


On the air! | The IMPRESS Podcast: Episode #1


EPISODE #1 - Now available!

 Episode #1 - June 2018

Host: Jonathan Heawood, IMPRESS CEO

[BLOG] Discrimination in the news

By Andrea Wills, IMPRESS Board Member.

This is my first ever blog and its written as I mark my first six months on the IMPRESS board. I am a broadcast journalist.


Independent publishers are getting left behind as 'big beasts' use latest tech tools to 'game' online platforms

This piece was originally published on Press Gazette (6 June 2018). You can read the original piece here.

By Jonathan Heawood. Every year, media executives from around the world get…

[BLOG] IMPRESS Standards Code: Transparency

IMPRESS and its members strive to build public trust in journalism. We think one of the pillars of trust is maintaining journalistic integrity through transparency.

The Code requires facts to be…

IMPRESS publishes second arbitration award

Correction: On 25th May 2018 IMPRESS published an arbitration award that incorrectly stated that the Financial Times, "...paid the sum of £12,000 in damages to Mr Gould plus a sum towards…