A Code Fit for the New Media World

IMPRESS invites you to contribute to the development of a new Standards Code for the UK press. This is the final week of IMPRESS’s public consultation on a draft Standards Code.

IMPRESS have embarked on the first ever public, national consultation on a Standards Code for the press. A public consultation on a Standards Code was a recommendation of the Leveson Inquiry into the Culture, Practices and Ethics of the Press.

Drafting a new Standards Code for the UK press was never going to be an easy task, but as the process enters its final phase, Emeritus Professor Máire Messenger Davies, reflects on a rewarding and worthwhile journey.   

Máire said: “From the start, we have had a lot of interest in what we were trying to do. Our aim was to hear from the widest audience we could: from the public, news organisations including broadcasters, academics, freedom of expression campaigners, media lawyers, media regulators from around the world and groups representing all parts of civil society. Most importantly, we have had substantial input at every stage from journalists and publishers who will use the Code to inform their work.

“We have debated at length over some of the most vexed issues, such as children’s rights, where the need to give children their own voice has to be balanced against the need to protect them from unnecessary intrusion; the Code needs to recognise parents' rights too. 

“All these constructive arguments and the input that we have had from our extensive consultation have resulted in a robust and rigorous process.  We have a code that we believe is fit for today’s digital media publishing world and all the challenges that entails.  It aims to be a practical working tool for journalists and news organisations.”

IMPRESS would love to hear your thoughts on our draft Code. Have we got it right? There is still time to take part. If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know.