IMPRESS investigates accuracy complaint on Covid-19 and Vitamin D

IMPRESS has finalised the investigation of its first accuracy complaint on COVID-19 reporting. It concerned an article published by Scottish investigative journalism platform The Ferret titled ‘Does Vitamin D help to fight off Covid-19?’, which was published in April as part of its ‘Fact check: debunking myths about coronavirus’ series.

The investigation focused on whether The Ferret had complied with IMPRESS accuracy rules in coming to an assessment that the claim that Vitamin D helps to fight off Covid-19 was unsupported. 

In dismissing the complaint, an IMPRESS regulatory committee concluded that the Publisher had used various sources that were reliable, and further, that the Publisher had represented the position of those sources in an accurate way.

Ed Procter, IMPRESS CEO said: ‘Truthful, accurate and fact-based reporting is vital during a public health crisis. I encourage members of the public who have concerns about what they read to contact the newspaper or news site without delay and to refer the matter IMPRESS if they are dissatisfied with their response’.



IMPRESS regulates 155+ publications in the UK. We provide publishers and journalists with the protection and support they need to do their job. We offer complaints adjudication, free arbitration, a comprehensive insurance scheme and a progressive Standards Code, as well as an open code review process in which all members of the public can take part. We work in partnership with the public, publishers and key stakeholders to raise the standards of journalism.


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