IMPRESS Invests for the Long Term

IMPRESS begins the new year with a commitment to an eight year lease on a newly refurbished office space in Blackfriars. 

Jonathan Heawood, IMPRESS CEO said: “IMPRESS is here to stay. We have now established a secure base in central London from which we can grow and develop.   This bespoke office allows for our expansion until at least 2024.

“2017 will see the next phase of transformation for IMPRESS as a real alternative for those independent publishers who are motivated by the desire to hold themselves accountable, just as they hold others accountable. We are already handling complaints and issuing advisory notices.  Over the next few years we will expand and diversify our income.

“We look forward to welcoming members, potential members and supporters to IMPRESS’s new base over the coming months.”

IMPRESS’s new office address is:

16-18 New Bridge Street




Tel: +44 (0)20 3585 4119