IMPRESS officialises its first student partnership

On 3 May 2019, World Press Freedom Day, the editorial team of the Glasgow Sloth has officialised its partnership with IMPRESS by signing a memorandum of understanding. This makes it the first UK student media publication to work alongside IMPRESS and adhering to its Standards Code

Justin Bowie, co-Editor in Chief of the Glasgow Sloth, said about the partnership:

At The Glasgow Sloth we value fair, balanced and honest news coverage, and we aim to produce accurate journalism that is of high-quality. That is why we will follow the principles and rules set out by IMPRESS.'

The Glasgow Sloth is a ‘slow journalism’ online publication, launched in February 2019 by students at the University of Strathclyde.

This is IMPRESS' first student partnership. The aim for the IMPRESS student partnership programme is to support high-quality journalism in student publications by providing training in standards and regulatory development support. An example of this is the training session provided by IMPRESS to the Glasgow Sloth team on March 27th 2019, during which the IMPRESS team delivered training on Press Regulation and the IMPRESS Standards Code.

If you are a member of a student publication and would like to learn more about the IMPRESS Student Partnership programme, please contact us at


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