IMPRESS publishes its Annual Report 2017-18

The IMPRESS Annual Report 2017-18 is now officially published, accessible for the public on the IMPRESS website.

It shows a 123% increase in the number of regulated publishers, an extended arbitration scheme, a wide geographical coverage in the UK, and an important increase in the regulatory activity.

IMPRESS regulates 110+ publications in the UK as of November 2018,

The report includes:

  • Messages from IMPRESS Chair Walter Merricks and CEO Jonathan Heawood
  • A summary of IMPRESS activities throughout the year regarding its recognition status, public interest, public engagement, media coverage, and services for regulated publishers
  • Highlights on the Arbitration scheme and the Standards Code
  • Complaint case studies
  • A rundown of all regulated publications (as of 31 August 2018)
  • And a full regulatory report covering: applications to IMPRESS, regulated publishers, compliance process and procedures, referalls to IMPRESS – complaints, requests for arbitration, advisory notice requests, IMPRESS-initiated investigations – and complaints volume per publication

Download the IMPRESS Annual Report 2017-18


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