IMPRESS runs 2019-20 Annual Compliance Review

IMPRESS is currently undertaking Annual Compliance Returns for IMPRESS regulated publications for the year 2019-20. 

Annual compliance returns are conducted as part of our interim compliance work, which includes periodical checks to ensure that publishers are adhering to the requirements of the IMPRESS regulatory scheme. 

Why do IMPRESS members have to complete an Annual Return?

There are two goals of the annual compliance review. First, to make sure all governance information for our regulated publications is up to date and that their complaints and compliance systems are working in accordance with the requirements of the IMPRESS Regulatory Scheme.

Second, to gather information about complaints that publishers have received and how they were resolved for inclusion in our annual report.

This confirms that all IMPRESS-regulated publications:

  • Are operating transparently
  • Have satisfactory systems in place to deal with complaints and compliance
  • Adhere to the IMPRESS Regulatory Scheme and Standards Code
  • Monitor, review and report on the complaints that they receive. 

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