IMPRESS supports research into independent news sector and Covid-19

IMPRESS partnered with the Public Interest News Foundation (PINF), the Independent Community News Network (ICNN), and Bureau Local to survey independent news providers across the UK. The survey took place between 23 and 26 March 2020.

The data collected has shown that 75% are at risk of closure due to the COVID-19 crisis. Also:

· 94% of respondents said that they expect the crisis to have a ‘negative’ or ‘very negative’ impact on their organisation.

· 75% fear this might result in temporary or permanent closure.

· 80% do not have insurance that covers the challenges they now face.

· 65% do not believe that the Government recognises the role of journalism in responding to the crisis or is doing enough to help the sector right now.

More information on this survey is available on the Public Interest News Foundation (PINF) website.