IMPRESS takes part in the Reporters Without Borders ‘Journalism Trust Initiative’: Consultation now open

Since May 2018 IMPRESS has participated in the developmental stage of the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Journalism Trust Initiative, helping to work to define indicators for trustworthy sources of journalism.

CEO of IMPRESS, Jonathan Heawood, and more than 120 experts representing global, national and local media outlets, consumer associations, tech companies, regulators and NGOs have been working on developing professional standards for journalists in the frame of the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI). The group have worked to create an official standards document that defines clear indicators for trustworthy journalism.  

Phil Chetwynd, Global News Director, Agence France Presse (AFP), said of the initiative:

It is critical to answer properly to the public distrust in media, by offering to the citizens landmarks and visible tags on the web to distinguish trustworthy content easily. For us as a news agency, workability of the solution in the daily routine is key and it is extremely important, for all of us working on JTI, to propose a solution that serves the interests of the citizens first and foremost…” 

With this sentiment in mind, the JTI are keen to hear public feedback on their proposals. The three month public consultation on the draft standards document is now open.

>> To find out more and for detail on how to get involved with the public consultation, please visit the RSF website.


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