IMPRESS welcomes conclusion of PRP review

The Press Recognition Panel (PRP) has completed its compliance assessment of IMPRESS and has confirmed IMPRESS’s approved status, meeting the standards for independent and effective regulation that were recommended in the Leveson Report.

Welcoming this decision, Walter Merricks CBE, Chair of IMPRESS, said: ‘We are very glad that this process has concluded and that we can renew our focus on working with publishers, journalists and the public. Already, 43 publishers have signed up to be regulated by IMPRESS with more applications being processed. We can help to build their positive relationship with their audiences and reduce their legal and financial risks. We look forward to welcoming more members over the coming months and years.’

In January 2017, the News Media Association (NMA) and the Professional Publishers Association (PPA) complained to the Press Recognition Panel (PRP) about material that certain IMPRESS representatives had inappropriately shared on Twitter. IMPRESS has since taken steps to enhance its governance and to ensure that this does not happen again.

The PRP Board has confirmed that these measures are sufficient to mean that there is no need for a formal review of IMPRESS’s recognised status. As a result, IMPRESS retains its status as the UK’s only recognised press regulator, and its member-publishers will continue to benefit from protections under the Crime & Courts Act 2013.

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