PRP Opens Third Consultation on IMPRESS Application

Following the decision this week by the Press Recognition Panel (PRP) to defer its decision of IMPRESS’s application for recognition, the PRP has today issued a third call for information. As part of this call, the PRP has published documents that IMPRESS provided over the last few months in order to clarify aspects of the organisation’s arrangements and provide responses to questions raised. 

Jonathan Heawood, IMPRESS CEO, said: ‘Since we applied for recognition in January, we have listened to feedback on our arrangements and have made some changes. The IMPRESS information that the PRP has published today does not represent a significant change to our application.’

‘For the first time in British history, a press regulator is being held publicly accountable. This can only increase the confidence of the public and news publishers that IMPRESS is truly independent and effective. Our governance arrangements, regulatory scheme, arbitration scheme and financial arrangements are all in the public domain and are open to scrutiny.’

‘Ultimately, it will be for the PRP to decide, on behalf of the public, whether we meet the criteria which Lord Justice Leveson laid down after his comprehensive inquiry into press regulation. Already, more than 40 publications, with more than two million readers between them, have shown their commitment to this new approach to press regulation by joining us, and we know that many more are preparing to follow in their footsteps.’