Walter Merricks gives landmark speech at City University, School of Journalism

In a landmark speech at City, University of London on Monday 19 February, Walter Merricks CBE, Chair of IMPRESS, reflected on the role of regulation in the age of digital media. 

This is a time of crisis and opportunity in the news industry.

The giant search engines and social media platforms have eaten into the old business models for news. 

At the same time, new forms of life have emerged: community news publications; investigative non-profits; and hyperpartisan sites of both right and left. Many of these innovative publishers have signed up to be regulated by IMPRESS.

His speech addressed the following topics:

• The challenge of regulating the independent digital news publishing sector.

• The response of the corporate press to the challenge of Google and Facebook.

• The Government’s proposed review of press sustainability.

Walter Merricks asked whether the Leveson recommendations were still relevant in this new environment; and what more should be done by government, industry and civil society to ensure that we get the news we need for generations to come.

A copy of Walter Merricks speech can be downloaded here.